UPS conducts rigorous quality assurance testing on fasteners in our in-house quality control lab. Fasteners and Machine components are tested against stringent quality measures to guarantee performance and compliance for the following metrics based on industry standards or specific requirements.

Roundness Tester
Roughness Tester
Contour Measurement
Image Measuring Machine
Spectro Machine
Torque Testing Machine
Laser Scan Micrometer
Profile Projector
Hardness Tester
Coating Thickness Tester

Lab Testing

UPS has NABL(ISO/IEC 17025) accredited Lab. Quality is very essential for our company and we are committed to produce Quality High Tensile Precision Fasteners. We ascertain that we procure and import our products from established and well reputed manufacturers and suppliers. Each lot that moves out of our production facilities undergoes mechanical, Chemical and metallurgical inspection at over 20 inspection nodes, beginning from raw material receipt to packaging.The most important criterion of Quality is the satisfaction of customer, both National & International.

Chemical Testing (by Emission Spectrometer)
(Fe Base,Ni Base,Ti Case,Cu Case,Al Case,Zn Case)
Hardness Testing
Vickers, Micro Vickers
Tensile Strength (Range 1 Tons,4 Tons, 60 Tons,200 Tons)
Ultimate Tensile Strength
0.2 % Yield Strenght
% Elogation
% Reduction of Area
Wedge Tensile Strength
Proof Load.
Torque/COF Testing (M3 to M60)
Metallurgical Testing
Micro Structure
Grain Size
Inclusion Rating
Case Depth Measurement
Corrosion Test
Coating Thickness
Salt Spray
Adhesion Testing
Magnetic particle Inspection
Fluorescent particle Inspection
Automated Eddy Current Sorting Machine
Auto Sorting Machine (for providing 100 % defect free from surface irregularties)